PowerPC Based Single Board Computers

PowerPC cores provide outstanding performance for network and industrial applications of all kinds. High performance Floating Point (on some units) together with low power consumption and low system cost are key attributes. Cogent Single Board Computers provide the Developer and the OEM with access to all the key features of the processor making the board 'Always Complete'. However different applications call for different requirements and Cogent can customize existing boards to meet your needs. Additionally, custom Target boards for the CSB7xx family can be done quickly and at reasonable cost. Once you have examined the specifications of our various boards talk with us about your specific needs.

CSB781 - Freescale MPC5121e SODIMM System On a Module (SOM)

The CSB781 Single Board Computer is a highly integrated, SODIMM SOM that features a 400Mhz PowerPC
MPC5121e with Floating Point, 2D/2D Graphics, 10/100 MAC, Quad CAN, USB Host, AC'97 Audio I/F, 4-Bit
SDIO, Five UARTS and Dual SPI. Additional board features include Low Power 10/100 PHY, 480Mbit USB
2.0 PHY and On-Board 3.3V power supply.




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