CSB1724 - Marvell 88F6282 MXM System On a Module (SOM)

The CSB1724, designed, developed and manufactured by Cogent Computer Systems, Inc., is a high performance,
network oriented, ARMv5TE based System on a Module (SOM). The CSB1724 provides a very small, powerful and
flexible engine for embedded Linux based 10/100/1000 networking and storage applications. The features of the
CSB1724 are listed below.

Feature Description
Core 1.6Ghz ARMv5TE Core, 32KB I/D and 256K L2 Cache
Floating Point Unit IEEE 754 Compliant Single/Double Precision
SDRAM 1Gbyte 16-Bit Wide DDR3-800
NAND FLASH 512MByte 8-Bit Wide SLC NAND Flash
PCI Express Ports Two x1
GIGe Copper Ports Two 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports
Video Input Port n/a
Video Output Port n/a
SATA Ports Two Gen I/Gen II
SDIO Port One 4-Bit SD/MMC, SDIO compliant
SSI Port n/a
I2S/AC97 I2S Audio
UART Ports One 2-Wire UART, up to 2.6MBaud
CAN Ports n/a
SPI Port One, 50Mhz Maximum Clock Rate
USB Ports Two USB2.0 480Mbit Host Ports via On-Board Hub
I2C Ports Dual 100Khz/400Khz, Master and Slave Support
Real Time Clock Internal RTC with External Battery Input
XOR Engine

Dual Channel with iSCSI CRC32C Mode

Security Offload

DES, 3DES, AES128, AES256, SHA-1 and MD5

Boot Options NAND
Power Management 8-Bit AVR Micro supports Power Sequence, Configuration and Thermal Management
Form Factor Cogent MXM A-Size, 70mm x 50mm
JTAG Standard ARM JTAG Interface (Header is off board)
Power 8V to 24V input, On-Board 3.3V/10Amp Regulator (up to 6A is available off board)
Target Board CSB1701 Flex-ATX Development Board
Boot Monitor Uboot
Datasheet CSB1724 datasheet
Board Photo Top
Users Manual CSB1724_Hardware Reference Manual
Linux BSP 2.6.31+
Price Contact Cogent
Availability Status Production




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